Lava Spark: Mobile Game Outsourcing Specialist

Lava Spark is a cutting-edge mobile game developer dedicated to providing the full-range outsourcing services. Incorporated in California, we leverage our talented art and engineering team in Beijing, China to give our clients the best value. Our services include game art production and full game development for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Our areas of expertise include:


- iPhone, iPad, Android with Google Play and Amazon
- Objective C, Java, C++, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Lua
- Unity3d with C# and Javascript
- Platform API integration: Facebook, Game Center, Google Game Services
- 3rd-Party API integration: Flurry, Kontagent, PlayHaven, TapJoy, StackMob, Grey Stripe, W3i, etc.
- Large, scalable, and cloud-based server-side architecture design

Game Arts

- Concept arts
- Buildings, decor items, map assets
- Characters and trading card arts
- Backgrounds, level maps, and environment
- 2D animations
- 3D modeling and 3D animations
- User interface, icons, and controls


Lisa Gu, Head of Production, Storm8 : "I have worked Lava Spark for a long time and during this span the team has always been dependable to deliver high quality artwork on our schedule. Multiple times the Lava Spark team has been able to fulfill our last minute requests and we are grateful for this flexibility. It shows they have the knowledge and know-how of how to work with a mobile gaming company."

Chris Pasley, Senior Product, Majesco Entertainment : "Lava Spark is exactly what anyone would want in a game development partner. I have never worked with any team that was more responsive, more driven, or took more ownership in their products than Lava Spark. Song, the Lava Spark studio head, is a brilliant guy. He instantly got what we were trying to do and had a real talent in translating that to his staff, who turned large features around in blazing time - sometimes as fast as the next day! For the level of professionalism, for the level of programming talent and art ability, for someone who will be a real partner with you in your production, I can't recommend Song and Lava Spark enough."

Tomas Sisneros, Art Lead, DeNA Canada : "Lava Spark studios rates and quality of work are top notch. They would always strive to deliver on on time or even ahead of schedule. The studio can provide a wide range of style and format and they were able to provide everything I tasked them with at a top level. There was never any wasted effort on either side and the assets he provided were as near game-ready as you could hope for. Song is an honorable and easy to work with individual and I would gladly work with him and his studio again"


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